Form 3 : Lines and Angles

Try all these questions.

1. ABC is a straight line. D is a point above line ABC. If angle ABC is 33 degree, what is the value of angle CBD?

2. If 3x is equal to one whole turn, what is the value of x ?

3. Given that P is right angle and 3q is a half turn. What is the value of p+q ?

4. Line AB intersect with line CD at point O. If angle AOC is 70 degree, find the value of

(a) angle COB

(b) angle BOD


  1. rabiatul said...:
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  1. student said...:

    line and angel is very easy than other topics

  1. 2nd question answer is 120 correct or not?
    one whole turn = 360
    then if 3x use 360 divide 3 can find x?

  1. wan syamimie said...:

    aq x phm larr tjuk nyyy..png pala...............

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