Think of ratios as parts. 2:3 has total parts 2+3= 5 parts. If actual value for the whole part is 20 then each part is 20/5=4

Answer all of the following.

1. Find the ratio of the following

(a) 8:24

(b) 15kg:3kg

(c) 1 week : 21 days

(d) 1 cm: 20 mm

2. The ratio of a to b is 2:5. Find the value of a and b if the sum of a and b is 42.

3. Every month Ali and Terrence save RM250 and RM300 respectively. What is the ratio of Ali's and Terrence's saving each month?

4.Given that p:q is 5:7. If p+q is 72, find the value of q-p.

5. A rectangle has a length and width of ratio 2:1. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 90cm, find its length and width.

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To find the probability of some events happens means to calculate the chances that the event happens. You need to identify the sample space and the events first. Try to answer the following questions.

1. A box contains two red pens and three blue pens of the same brand. If a pen is randomly chosen from the box, what is the probability that

(a) a blue pen is chosen.

(b) a red pen is chosen.

2. A dice is tossed once. What is the probability that a number comes up is

(a) an even number.

(b) an odd number.

(c) a prime number.

(d) a number that is greater than 2.

3. The letters in the words "MATHEMATICS" are written in cards and put in a box. If a student randomly take one card, what is the probability that the card is

(a) a letter "M".

(b) a consonant.

(c) a vowel.

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Differentiate y with respect to x :

1. y=7

2. y= -2x

3. y=x2 -5

4. y=x3 +5x-3

5. y=-5x3-3x2 +2x-9

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Add Math : Composite Function

Answer all of the following.

1. Given that f : x --> x-7 and g : x --> (2/x) -1, x is not equal to 0.

(a) Find the image of f when the object is 2.

(b) Find the object of f when the image is -4.

(c) Find the image of g when the object is 7.

(d) Find the object of g when the image is 5.

(e) Find fg(2) and gf(-5)

2. Given that f(x)=x+5 and g(x)=3x-1

(a) fg(3)

(b) gf(3)

3. Given that f(x) = 2+(1/x), x is not equal to 0 and g(x)=x-3. Find

(a) gf(-1)

(b) fg(2)

4. Given that f(x)=x-3 and g(x)= 1/(2-x), x is not equal to 2. Find

(a) fg

(b) gf

5. Given that fg(x)=5x+1 and f(x)=x/3. Find g.

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