FORM 1 : Multiples

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1. List the first five multiples of the following numbers.
(a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 7 (d) 8

2. List multiples of 2 between 10 to 20

3. List multiples of 5 from 20 to 50

4. Determine whether the following numbers are multiple of 4.
(a) 12 (b) 21 (c) 72

[ To determine whether a number is the multiple of another number, divide with the other number]

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Form 2 : Revision

Answer all of the following.

1. Round off 23729 to the
(a) nearest tens.

(b) nearest hundreds.

2. Calculate
(a) 15-7+2

(b) 20-(-15) + 7

3. Simplify

(a) (2x+y)+(3x+y)

(b) (5x-2y)+(x+3y)

(c) 3(x+2)+2(3x-4)

4. (a) 1 1/2+3/4

(b) 3/5-1/7

(c) 2x+p-7x+2p

5. A square has a length of 2x+1 unit. Write the perimeter of the square in
algebraic expressions.

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Form 3 : Revision

Answer all of the following

1. (a)Write the number 11027 in words.
(b)Round of 36047 to the nearest thousands.

2. Calculate 2/0.02 - 30x0.1

3. Evaluate

4. Given x=2 and y=-3. Calculate

5. Solve 2y-4=5

6. Solve the following linear equation

7. A rectangle has a side that is twice of the other. If the longer side is 14cm. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

8. Sakinah and Rabiah are sisters. Sakinah is two years older than Rabiah. If their total age is 18 years, what is Rabiah's age.

9. Larry has RM200. He spend one fifth of the mone to buy some books. Calculate the balance of the money.

10. Swee Lee likes to eat apples. She bought two dozens of apples. If she eats two apples everyday for three days, how many apples she has left?

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FORM 5 : Revision

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F5 Revision 1

Answer all these questions.

1. Calculate the values of x and y that satisfy the following equations.

x - 3y = 4
x + 6y = 1

2. (a) State whether the following statement is true or false.
7 < 3 and 4-1 = 3
(a) Write down two implications based on the following sentence.
A number is an even number if and only if the number can be divided by 2.

3. Draw the straight lines y=x and x=3. Hence, shade the region bounded by the following inequalities. y < x, x < 3 and y larger or equal to zero.

4. Linda has 5 red and 7 white roses in a basket.
(a) What is the probability of getting a white rose from the basket?
(b) If she wants to choose randomly two roses. What is the probability of getting 1 red amd 1 white roses?

5. A point A(2,3) is transformed by a combined transformation of TR. If R is a rotation of 90 degree clockwise at the origin, and T is a reflection at y-axes.What is the coordinate of the image of A?

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Learn Math, It is easy: Invitation to learn math group.

Learn Math, It is easy: Invitation to learn math group.

Form 6 : Geometry Deduction

Geometry is the study of properties and relationship of objects in one,two or three dimensions.
Euclid is a Greek Mathematician who collected information on mathematics including geometry. He use logical sequences approach based on basic fact known as axioms.
Euclidean Axiom
1. There is one and only one straight line that can be drawn between two points.
2. A line segment can be extended indefinitely.
3. There is one an only circle that can be drawn with any one point as the
center and any line segment as the radius.
4. All right angles are congruent.
5. There is one and only one straight line that can be drawn parallel to a fixed
line and passing through any point that is not on the given line.

Axioms is a statement that is always true and need not be proven
Theorem - a statement about an important fact.
- Basic theorem is proven using axioms and used to
prove other theorems.
- involves two statements like 'if p then q' which
means 'if statement p is true , then statement q is

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Form 4 : Use scientific calculator to find roots of quadratic equation.


The values of the unknown which satisfy a quadratic equation are called roots.

To find roots of quadratic equation

1. write quadratic equation in general form,
2. factorise the quadratic expression,
3. equate each linear expression to zero and solve the linear equation.

To find roots using scientific calculator,

1. change mode to equation mode.
2. choose quadratic equation.
3. input the value of a,b and c from the general form of quadratic equation.
4. get the value of the two roots from the calculator.

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