Answer all of the following.

1. Calculate  123.7+2.4

2. Calculate 23+7.3

3. Calculate  32.45+413.75

4. Calculate 243.232+19.079

5. Calculate 324.8 + 0.78

6. Calculate  243-1.65

7. Calculate 12.7-8.87

8. Calculate  4.3-1.5

9. Calculate  2.3-0.65

10. Calculate  9.46-5.75

11.  Calculate 120x0.5

12.  Calculate  1234x0.002

13. Calculate  405x1.2

14. Calculate  12.4x2.2

15. Calculate  4.53x0.1

16. Calculate   315/0.5

17. Calculate  1.24/0.02

18. Calculate 4.9/0.7

19. Calculate  324.5/0.05

20. Calculate  144/1.2



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Answer all of the following.

1.  Calculate
     (a)  20%  of  $200
     (b)  5% 0f $5 000

2. Dahlia use 30% of her salary to pay for food each month. If the amount used for food is $500, what is her salary?

3.  David deposit $4000 at the beginning of year 2009. After a full year, what is his dividend if the rate is 6% ?

Partial Fractions

Answer all of the following.

1. Express (x+9)/(10+3x-x^2)  in partial fractions.

2. Express (2x^2+7)/(x-2)(x^2+1)  in partial fractions.

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