Whole Number

Anwer all of the following.

1. Round off 29580 to the nearest hundreds.

2. Calculate
(a) 280 - 3x20 - 70

(b) (320 - 160)/4

3. Calculate
(a) 75x15

(b) 84-3x21+28

4. Safri, Aman and Dan has 120 , 78 and 102 marbles respectively. What is the total of their marbles ?

5. Rosie spends RM15 for T-shirt and RM17 for a blouse at a supermarket. If she paid RM50 note, what is the balance she received from the cashier ?

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Linear Equation

Linear Equations

Answer all of the following

1. Find the value of x

(a) 2x+5=6

(b) 3x-7=14

2. Find the value of y

(a) 3y+y=16

(b) (½)y=-11

3. Solve the following equation

(a) 3p-1=11

(b) (¼)p =2

4. Solve the following equation

(a) 7(h-5)=35

(a) (¾)(m-2)=3

5. Solve

(a) -4(t+3)=12

(b) (5-x)÷(x-2)=3

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nswer all of the following

1. Given that a polynomial P(x) =4x^3-8x^2-x+2.

(a) Show that x-2 is a factor of P(x)

(b) Factorise P(x)

(c) Find the zeroes of P(x)

(d) Find the solution set for P(x) > 0

2. Express (8x+4)/(x^2+2x-3) as partial fractions.

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